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Men’s College Soccer – 2022 College Cup – The Tale Of The Tape

Only Four Left Standing. A Comparison Of The Participants.

The Final FourPittsburghIndiana SyracuseCreighton
Overall Record12-4-5 (Pitt)13-4-6 (Indiana)17-2-4 (Syracuse)13-4-6 (Creighton)
ConferenceACCBig Ten ACCBig East
Conference Record3-2-33-1-45-1-23-3-4
Regular Season Finish
In Conference Play
3rd Coastal4th 1st Atlantic 6th
Record Away From Home4-3-14-3-35-0-25-3-2
Years At Helm
Jay Vidovich
Todd Yeagley
Ian McIntyre
Johnny Torres
NCAA SeedNone 13 3None
College Soccer News/United
Soccer Coaches Rank In
Last Poll Issued
Total Number Shots316278388367
Average Number Shots
Per Game
Number Shots On Goal139125160169
Shots on Goal Percentage0.440.450.41.46
Total Goals Scored 42404363
Average Goals Scored
Per Game
Total Goals Allowed21271431
Average Goals Allowed
Per Game
Number Shutouts88114
Times Shutout by Opponent2110
Most Goals Allowed In
A Single Game
3 (2 times)3 (4 times)2 (2 times)4 (1 time)
Corners Taken98150152150
Corners Allowed908794124
Win Streak/Unbeaten Streak4/43/34/127/7
Last LossVirginia 0-1
Rutgers 1-3
Cornell 1-2
Providence 2-4
StrengthTenacity /Expereince Momentum/Cohesiveness Opportunistic/Depth Momentum/Firepower
How They Beat You Persistence/PressureBalance/DeterminationConsistency/Tempo Grit/Desire
Where They Have The EdgeMidfieldUp Top Backline/Goal Up Top
Top Goal ScorerValentin Noel (11g, 3a)
Senior Midfielder
Ryan Wittenbrink (9g, 9a)
RS Senior Forward
Levonte Johnson (10g, 6a)
Senior Forward
Duncan McGuire (22g, 4a)
Junior Forward
Number Players With Three
Or More Goals
Six FiveFiveSix
Wild Card/The X-FactorBertin Jacquesson (8g, 5a)
Junior Forward
Tommy Mihalic (6g, 2a) Sophomore ForwardLorenzo Boselli (3g, 4a)
Junior Midfielder

Curt Calov (2g, 6a) Sophomore Midfielder
Jackson Castro (10g, 8a)
Sophomore Midfielder
Key DistributorFilip Mirkovic (3g, 12a)
Junior Midfielder
Nyk Sessock (0g,7a)
Senior Defender
Nathan Opoku (9g, 6a) Sophomore ForwardGiorgio Probo
Sophomore Midfielder (5g, 14a)
Key DefenderYanis Leerman
Graduate Student
Daniel Munie
Christian Curti (0g, 3a)
Owen O’Malley (8g, 6a)
GoalkeeperJoe van der Sar (0.98 GAA) Senior
JT Harms (1.04 GAA) Junior
Russell Shealy (0.62 GAA) RS Senior Paul Kruse (1.35 GAA) Graduate Student
Don’t Underestimate Rodrigo Almeida (0g, 3a)
GS Midfielder
Samuel Sarver (4g, 3a)
Sophomore Forward

Patrick McDonald
Sophomore Midfielder
Giona Leibold (5g, 2a)
Sophomore Midfielder
Mark O’Neill (4g, 0a) Sophomore Midfielder
Freshmen To WatchJackson Gilman (0g, 3a)
Jack Wagoner (0g, 2a)
A Key ElementLucas Rosa (2g, 6a)
Graduate Student Midfielder
Herbert Endeley (3g, 5a)
Senior Forward

Brett Bebej (3g, 1a)
Senior Defender
Jeorgio Kocevski (5g, 1a) Junior Midfielder

Nathan Opoku (9g, 6a)
Sophomore Forward

The Entire Backline

Callum Watson (3g, 4a) Senior Midfielder

Charles Auguste (3g, 2a) Senior Midfielder

The Glue Jackson Walti (2g, 0a)
GS Midfielder
Danie Munie Senior Defender
Joey Maher – Junior Defender
Russell Shealy
RS Senior Goalkeeper
Charles Auguste (3g, 2a)
Senior Midfielder

Paul Kruse GS Goalkeeper
Cards: Yellow/Red33/331/143/263/1
Last Trip To College Cup 2020201820152012
Road Traveled
Home – H
Away – A
Cleveland State 2-1 (H)
Akron 3-0 (R)
Kentucky 2-1 (R)
Portland 1-0 OT (H)
Saint Louis 1-0 (H)
Marshall 1-0 (H)
UNCG 2-0 (R)
Penn 2-1 (H)
Cornell 1-0 (H)
Vermont 2-1 (H)
Missouri State 2-1 (H)
Washington 3-1 (R)
Tulsa 2-1 (R)
Duke 3-2 (R)

Location – WakeMed Soccer Park, Cary, North Carolina

Semifinal #1 – Syracuse vs. Creighton – 6 p.m. ET – Friday December 9

Semifinal #2 – Indiana vs. Pittsburgh – 8:30 p.m. ET – Friday December 9

National Championship – Monday December 12

The games will be carried live on ESPNU

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