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2019 NCAA Tournament Bracket – The Road To The College Cup (Final Four)

It is survive and advance time once again. The "one and you are done" single loss elimination NCAA Tournament is about to get underway. The forty-eight team field has been announced and it is now all about the journey along the road with the desired destination the College Cup at WakeMed Soccer Park in Cary, North Carolina. 

Virginia, Clemson, Georgetown and Wake Forest were awarded the top four seeds which means they could play their to Cary without ever leaving the friendly confines of their home stadium.

All sixteen first-round contests will take place on Thursday, November 21 at venues throughout the country. The sixteen first round winners will advance to the second round which is scheduled for Sunday, November 24 hosted by the sixteen seeds. The third round (Sweet Sixteen) will take place on Saturday, November 30 or Sunday, December 1. The quarterfinals (Elite Eight) will take place on Friday, December 6 or Saturday, December 7 with the highest seed of the two opponents hosting.

The College Cup (Final Four) semifinals will take place on Friday, December 13 with the two winners advancing to play for the 2019 National Championship on Sunday, December 15.  

#1 Virginia Bracket

First Round: Campbell (16-2-2) at James Madison (11-6-3)

Second Round: Winner at #1 Virginia (17-1-1)

First Round: Rhode Island (14-3-3) at Syracuse (7-6-5)

Second Round: Winner at #16 St. John's (13-4-1)

First Round: Denver (6-11-3) at Missouri State (17-0-1)

Second Round: Winner at #9 UCF (14-2-2)

First Round: Coastal Carolina (9-7-3) at NC State (9-6-3)

Second Round: Winner at #8 SMU (16-1-1)

#4 Wake Forest Bracket 

First Round: Loyola Chicago (11-4-4) at Kentucky (12-4-3)

Second Round: Winner at #5 Indiana (14-2-4)

First Round: California (8-6-3) at UC Santa Barbara (12-4-4)

Second Round: Winner at #12 Saint Mary's (16-1-0) 

First Round: Wright State (10-8-3) at Notre Dame (10-7-1)

Second Round: Winner at Michigan (11-4-5)

First Round: Iona (14-5-1) at Maryland (10-7-2) 

Second Round: Winner at #4 Wake Forest (13-4-2)

#3 Georgetown Bracket 

First Round: Lehigh (13-4-3) at Pittsburgh (9-7-2)

Second Round: Winner at #3 Georgetown (15-1-3)

First Round: South Florida (10-6-1) at Louisville (8-7-2)

Second Round: Winner at #14 UC Davis (13-4-2)

First Round: West Virginia (9-8-2) at Butler (11-6-2)

Second Round: Winner at #11 Marshall (15-2-3)

First Round: Yale (13-2-2) at Boston College (8-5-3)

Second Round: Winner at Washington (15-3-0)

#2 Clemson Bracket

First Round: Seattle University (14-3-4) at Loyola Marymount (11-5-3)

Second Round: Winner at #7 Stanford (13-2-3)

First Round: Fairleigh Dickinson (7-8-4) at New Hampshire (14-1-3)

Second Round: Winner at #10 Virginia Tech (9-5-3)

First Round: NJIT (10-4-4) at Providence (14-6-0)

Second Round: Winner at #15 Penn State (12-3-3)

First Round: Mercer (14-6-0) at Charlotte (11-3-4)

Second Round: Winner at #2 Clemson (16-2-1)

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