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2012 Recruiting Class Rankings

College Soccer News annually ranks the top 30 recruiting classes in the country.  The 2013 rankings will be issued in August to help ensure that they are based on the best possible information.

The criteria that College Soccer News utilizes for its ratings applies a lot of weight to the degree to which a recruiting class meets the perceived gaps a team needs to fill and the overall potential of the recruits to increase the competitiveness of the team.  Individual players are evaluated based on a combination of their club, high school, ODP, and regional and national team experience.  Playing experience against top level competition is a key factor.  Transfers were taken into consideration in rating classes.

The rankings factor in extra credit if a class signaled a significant step upward for the program.  Programs that overachieved will be reflected in the rankings.  The exceptions always make things interesting and are an early indicator of shifts in conference races as well as standing on the national scene.

The final rankings will include input from very knowledgeable individuals throughout the country.

The 2012 Top 30 Recruiting Classes are listed below:

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