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2015 College Cup – The Final Four – Tale Of The Tape

The Final Four Stanford Akron Syracuse Clemson
The Participants:
Overall Record:  17-2-2 18-3-2 16-5-3 17-2-2
Conference:  Pac-12 Conference Mid-American Conference   Atlantic Coast Conference Atlantic Coast Conference
Conference Record: 7-1-2 4-0-1 3-4-1 6-1-1
Regular Season Finish In Conference Play:    1 1  4th Atlantic Division 2nd Atlantic Division 
Record Away From Home:  7-2-0 7-1-1 5-4-1 5-1-1


Years At The Helm:

Jeremy Gunn

4th Season 

Jared Embick

3rd Season

Ian McIntyre

6th Season  

Mike Noonan

6th Season

NCAA Seed: Eight Four Six Two
Goals Scored: 39 56 44 52
Goals Allowed: 15 29 22 18
Most Goals Allowed In A Single Game: 2 4 3 2
Number Shutouts: 9 8 8 8
Unbeaten Streak: 4 6 5 3
Last Loss:  Washington (1-2) UCLA (2-4) Boston College (1-2) Syracuse (0-2)
Power Rating (RPI): 8 6 3 2


Solid Defense

Multi-Dimensional Attack 






How They Beat You: Transition/Speed Out Score You Out Work You – Wear You Down Determination/Grit
Top Scorer:

Jordan Morris

(11g. 3a)

Richie Laryea

(11g, 7a)

Ben Polk

(12g, 4a)

TJ Casner

(10g, 4a)

Number Players With Four or More Goals:  4 5 5 7
Key Distributor: 

Corey Baird


Adam Najem

(10g, 11a)

Julian Buescher

(8g, 11a)

Iman Mafi

(4g, 8a)

Key Defender: Brandon Vincent Andrew Souders Oyvind Alseth Kyle Fisher 

Andrew Epstein

(0.69 gaa)

Jake Fenlason

(1.22 gaa)

Hendrik Hilpert

(0.84 gaa)

Andrew Tarbell

(0.79 gaa)

Don't Underestimate:

Foster Langsdorf

(7g, 2a)

Sam Gainford

(8g, 7a)

Liam Callahan

(1g, 9a)

Paul Clowes

(2g, 1a)

Freshman To Watch: Amir Bashti (4g, 2a) NA Miles Robinson  Patrick Bunk-Anderson
Where They Have The Edge: Midfield  Up-Top Backline Midfield 
Wildcard (X-Factor): Eric Verso (1g, 12a) Stuart Holthusen (8g, 6a) Chris Nanco (4g, 3a) Kyle Murphy (8g, 4a)
Last Trip To College Cup: 2002 2010 None 2005
The Road Traveled:  

Santa Clara 3-1 (home)

Ohio State 3-1 (home)

Wake Forest 2-1 (away)

Rutgers 6-1 (home)

SMU 2-1 (home)

Creighton 3-2 (home)

Dartmouth 2-1 (home)

Seatle 3-1 (home)

Boston College 1-0 (home)

Elon 5-2 (home)

UCSB 3-2 (home)

Maryland 1-1 (home) advanced 3-2 in pks. 

Next Opponent: Akron Stanford Clemson Syracuse

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