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2013 NCAA Men’s Soccer Tournament Bracket – The Road To PPL Park In Philadelphia Takes Shape

All sixteen first-round games will be played on Thursday, November 21.  All sixteen second-round games will take place on Sunday, November 24. The third round will be played on Sunday, December 1.  The quarterfinals will be held on December 6,7,or 8.  The first three rounds of play and quarterfinal matches will be played at campus sites.  The semifinal and champinonship contests will be played at PPL Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on December 13 and 15.  

#1 – UCLA Bracket

First Round – Clemson vs. Elon 

     Second Round – Winner at #1 UCLA

First Round – Quinnipiac vs. Connecticut

     Second Round – Winner at #16 UMBC

First Round – Indiana vs. Akron

     Second Round – Winner vs. #9 Marquette

First Round – St. John's vs. Delaware

     Second Round – Winner vs. #8 Virginia  

#3 – Notre Dame Bracket

First Round – Milwaukee vs. Wisconsin

     Second Round – Winner vs. #3 Notre Dame

First Round – Navy vs. VCU

     Second Round – Winner vs. #14 Wake Forest

First Round – Louisville vs. Denver

     Second Round – Winner vs. #11 Michigan State

First Round – Drexel vs. Old Dominion

     Second Round – Winner vs. #6 Georgetown

#4 – California Bracket

First Round – Bradley vs. Northwestern   

     Second Round – Winner vs. #4 California 

First Round – East Tennessee State vs. Coastal Carolina

     Second Round – Winner vs. #13 Charlotte

First Round – South Florida vs. North Carolina

     Second Round – Winner vs. #12 UC Irvine

First Round – Providence vs. Penn

     Second Round – Winner vs. #5 Maryland 

#2 Washington Bracket 

First Round – Seattle vs. Creighton

     Second Round – Winner vs. #2 Washington

First Round – Loyola Marymount vs. Stanford

     Second Round – Winner vs. #15 Cal State Northridge

First Round – St. Francis Brooklyn vs. Penn State

     Second Round – Winner vs. #10 UC Santa Barbara

First Round – George Mason vs. William and Mary

     Second Round – Winner vs. #7 New Mexico  


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