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#9  - Boston College and Boston University 


This one is called the Green Line Rivalry due to the trolley line that runs along Commonwealth Avenue and links the two schools which are only about three miles apart.  Anytime the two schools on Commonwealth Avenue get together it is a big game.  


Players and fans frequent the same eateries, live in the same neighborhoods off campus, and run into each other on a regular basis all year long.  What is the old saying - familiarity breeds contempt.  Label it contempt or bragging rights or whatever you want to but the bottom line is that plenty of it exists and a boisterous crowd is always on hand when it comes time for the  Eagles and the Terriers to square off whether it be at Newton Campus Field in Chestnut Hill or Nickerson Field. 


Last year Boston College hosted and thumped  Boston University 4-0 before a capacity crowd of over 2,000 fans.  Boston College has dominated the series winning ten out of the last eleven times these two cross-town rivals have faced each other.  However the BU faithful still remember their 2-1 win in overtime back in 2006 at Chestnut Hill.  While the Eagles have dominated the series the outcome of the Green Line Rivalry is almost always decided by a single goal.  It is hard to find a match that is any more intense than this one.  

#10 - Marquette and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee   


This match-up is known as the Milwaukee Cup.  You can count it as one of the more storied derby matches in college soccer.  The winner of the match receives the Milwaukee Cup which is a legendary, old, and by the way very heavy trophy that goes to the campus of the winner each year.


The contest draws thousands every year and is usually televised locally.  The schools are about ten minutes from each other which contributes to the excitement and intensity of the contest.  This game holds the record for the largest crowd in the history of either program. 


The Panthers from Wisconsin-Milwaukee pretty much dominated the series in the past but Marquette has begun to level the playing field which has added to the rivalry.  In fact, UWM has won only once the last four times the two teams have tangled. 


This one clicked up more than a few degrees in intensity in 2006 when head coach Louis Bennett and assistant coach Stan Anderson elected to jump ship leaving UWM after ten very successful seasons to move cross town to Marquette.  When Bennett made the initial move he was asked what the Marquette-UWM match-up would be like.  He stated, “Probably that game will require the highest amount of professionalism and the highest amount of emotional control for all of us.”  He added, “It’s exciting for me because soccer needs this kind of excitement and interest.  This just adds more and more spice to this game.” 


If you are a player or fan for either Marquette or UWM and can’t get fired up for this one you better check your pulse.

#11 - Brown and Harvard


Why is this one a big rivalry?  Well, these two teams have combined for a total of thirty-two Ivy League titles.  Brown has nineteen Ancient Eight titles and Harvard has thirteen. 


You want an emotional and physical contest then look no further than this one.  The two schools are only forty-five miles apart and few match ups have more history than this one. 


When two schools play each other year after year in crucial matches with the league title usually on the line the contest begins to take on a special life of its own.  Brown and Harvard is a great “old school” type rivalry that has as much history and tradition as any in the country.  This one signifies everything you could ask for in a great rivalry.